A blockchain based data transmission as simple as a bank transfer.


Ambitorio.SEND is the first blockchain based software solution from Ambitorio that gives you the control over your digital data back.

Encrypt the data on your own device, upload it and control how often this file can be downloaded – every access is transparently traceable and can prevent data abuse.

Your benefit …

… as a businessman:

  • A highly secure data transmission that can be used worldwide.
  • User-friendly application via smartphone and computer.
  • Data contents are secured by you in encrypted form.
  • You decide at any time who may access it.
  • Each recipient signs the received file.

… as a company:

  • You save money for expensive IT solutions
  • You save time to become GDPR compliant
  • You get direct access to blockchain technology
  • Easy to understand and applicable across all industries.

How does it work?


A file selected from the + menu will be locally encrypted before uploading.


Insight into GDPR compliance – the file is “activated” once before sharing.

Create a token

After the activation the sender generates access rights that determine how often a file can be transmitted.

SEND to recipient

Once the access rights have been created, you can select a recipient via the file.

What is required?

To ensure the full potential of our security solution, the sender and the receiver need the app installed on an internet-enabled smartphone.

After both participants have registered in the Ambitorio app, they only need to exchange their personal Ambitorio ID.

How much does it cost?

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